Poeland Christmas Laser Light Moving Firefly Outdoor Projector - B075BLZ44T

Poeland Christmas Laser Light Moving Firefly Outdoor Projector - B075BLZ44T

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  • The light will show thousands of points to your house and garden, creating a fairy tale scenes

  • The laser christmas lights can cover up to 3900 square feet from a distance of 25 feet

  • UL adaptor 12V DC and 1.5m cable, reliable lighting

  • Aluminum alloy body (not plastic),IP65 waterproof design, easy for yard decorating,durable

  • Safety, single beam less than 5mw,harmless to human body and environment

  • Features:
    Laser source: Red & Green;
    Laser classification:Class IIIa,projector less than 5mW
    Effects: Moving/Static model, more than 1000 points
    Maximum laser power(Single Beam): Less than 5mw
    Laser light field covers up to 50' x 50' area
    Power adaptor: 120V input, 50/60HZ, 5W ,12V output
    Applicable temperature: -26 to 35°C (-15 to 95°F)
    The included Radio Frequency remote lets you control your Laser Light from anywhere in and around the house . The built-in timer runs for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours and is also control by the remote.

    Package included:
    1.Laser light with 1.5m cable
    2.Remote control with 2 AAA battery
    3.UL listed power supply transformer
    4.Ground stake with screw x 1
    5.User manual
    Warning:do not allow the laser beam to enter the eye.

    1. Safety. This product color separation technology with grating laser separation into thousands of points.
    A single point of power is less than 5 mw, won't produce any damage on human eye or body.
    2. Garden laser scattering can cast out thousands of points at the same time in the trees, grass,houses,and any media such as water.
    It can create a very romantic atmosphere, especially applicable to PARTY or festival decoration, garden park, forest, grassland, water, house, tree, etc.
    3. Such as the laser color than the LED light source is more bright-coloured, purity and color saturation is higher, the mist at night,can laser scattering ten million charming beam, let a person produce into the fairyland feeling.

    Poeland Christmas Laser Light Moving Firefly Outdoor Projector - B075BLZ44T